Chinese village banishes boy aged EIGHT because he is HIV-positive – with even his grandfather signing the petition

A boy aged just eight has been banished from a Chinese village – because he was found to be HIV-positive.

The youngster’s own grandfather was among 200 people in the community, in China’s southwestern Sichuan province, who signed a petition to expel the child to ‘protect villagers’ health’.

It has been reported that the boy – who was given the pseudonym Kunkun by Chinese media – contracted the virus from his mother.

chinese hiv

The case, reported in the Global Times newspaper, has highlighted the stigma attached to the disease in China, where many sufferers face widespread discrimination.

Previous reports said the boy was refused admission to local schools and villagers would avoid contact with him.

‘Nobody plays (with me), I play alone,’ Kunkun said, according to a report on the website of the People’s Daily newspaper.

The website also said Kunkun was referred to as a ‘time bomb’ in the petition.


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