Oro sends traditional warning accross to the annang nation

It has come to my notice that the Oro nation who are really battling to occupy the Hilltop mansion come 2015 sent a traditional warning to the annangs telling them to warn thier son in person of his excellency Godswill Akpabio to desist from presenting Udom Emmanuel as a gorvernorship candidate since they feel that the 2015 gorvernorship position is for them. My humble opinion here is that everbody from Eket senatorial district deserves to contest since its not just Oro that is in that senatorial disyrict and this includes Udon Emmanuel who is also from that district. Although am not in support of Udom Emmanuel contesting I think he deserves a chance to contest as this is part of his fundamental human right which is a right to vote and ne voted for.

Also Oro shouldnt be bothered by who Godswill is presenting as his candidate because the primaries will tell who will represent the party at the forthcoming election. If I were Oro I will channel my energy into doing the necessary in order to win the primaries instead of bothering myself with who his excellency will present or not present as his candidate. Thats my 2 cent opinion.


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