I Think This Article is targetted at Senator Helen Esuene’s campaign article on the Ink Newspaper.

On this weeks edition of Ink newspaper Senator Helen said she will provide 50,000 jobs annually and next thing I saw was this article on facebook.
When I hear politicians promise to create as much as 50,000 jobs annually, especially when the best backing to that promise is creating clusters of training centres for skill acquisition, I’m amazed at what these so-called politicians perceive as a “job”. It’s baffling how these politicians expect an unemployed graduate (after 5-6 years studying law in a university) to abandon that degree and instead “learn” a skill or craft that would be less than his/her expectation or benefit, as an undergraduate.

I want to believe the assumption of job-creation, as experienced over the years and as perceived by politicians, is the use of taxpayers money to fund individuals’ small and medium scale businesses, skill acquisition schemes, etc, whose progress in the end won’t be monitored enough to expand the scheme and in the process, increase the number of beneficiaries in geometric progression over time. That’s not what we need in a new Nigeria.

We are in the industrial age, creating industries, not revamping old ones only, based on market demand for goods whose raw materials and market demand are readily available, will need workforce; administrative and technical staff, especially if such industries produce goods that can compete with substitutes already in the market. Top management, senior level staff (production managers, marketers, plant engineers, etc) as well as lower-level staff (drivers, plant technicians, sundry workers, etc) will make up the workforce of at least 500 staff per industry. These are the kind of jobs we need bureaucrats to conceive, not conceiving skill-acquisition schemes.

It is also a better way to invest taxpayers’ money. Proper management of these industries set-up for the sole aim of making profits and breaking even, tackling unemployment in the process, will ensure a better Return On Investment for government at any level, rather than funding small & medium scale enterprises that will benefit but a few.

Every politician needs to have a clear-cut agenda on industrialisation [creation of new industries, not a “revamping of old, dilapidated industries”] that is workable and feasible enough to ensure Return on Investment for the government.


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