Captain Iniobong Ekong says he doesnt own Play Terrace club Uyo in court, is he the chief security or manager?

I read an article today about Captain Iniobong Ekong and Ifreke Nseowo the self acclaimed youngest journalist in uyo.
In this article on the Ink Newspaper today Captain Ekong sued Ifreke for 500 million because he sayed he owns Play Terracewell like they say when you read you acquire knowledge I did acquire some today because I learnt today that Captain Iniobong Ekong is not the owner of Play Terrace as thought by all and he actually sued Ifreke for 500 million for saying that in his article on the famous Prince Akpabio scandal of last year.
My question now is what is he always doing the commanding so much authority in Play Terrace which happens to be my best club. They always call him vis intercom to find out who can be allowed in when they are not too sure a persons identity etc. Could he be the chief security of the club or the club manager? My 1 kobo contribution to this is THE IS GOD O!


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