Death Toll Rises in Akwa Ibom as a result of Renal Disease

It has come to my notice that so many indigenes of Akwa-abasi Ibom state are dying everyday as a result of poor medical care and facilities.
This affect basically the poor who cant afford to travel out for treatment like our rich politicians an those in the upper class in this society.
Moreover they dont have enough dializers which has killed thousands and our epileptic power supply too has affected people in that unit also Killing thousands because they dont have Generator.
it has also come to my notice that for the past eight years over 600 names has been sent to the government for medical sponsorship (people with Renal disease) and over 300 have ended up dead while waiting.
Furthermore, in states like Delta and Imo the cost of Dialysis has been subsidised meanwhile in Akwa Ibom the state government has refused to subsidise the price of dialysis. Dialysis cost 20,000 plus the drugs u spend 28,000 or more and most of them have to do it atleast two to three times a week depending on the condition of the Kidney. This simply means that these patients spend an average of 90,000 every week which the poor and most middle class people cant afford.
Am therefore appealing to the government and other Indigenes occupying position of power in this state to look into this matter and do something fast about it so that we wont Loose more Lives.


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