Ernest David Ernest a nollywood fillm maker complains about editors not being recognised by award organisers and how Bimbo Akintola still owes him 635,000 naira for editing her T.V series.


Ernest David Ernest is a film maker, Director, cinemtographer and editor who hails from Mkpat Enin, Akwa Ibom State. He  started in 1997 in surulere, Lagos state. He  worked with Nkem owoh (osuofia) as a production assitant, then in 2009 He  started continuity and formed the guild called (copeg) continuity persons guild where he  chairmaned for 4 years, then met ifeanyi ikpoenyi (Mr hollywood) who gave him  the opportunity to become a video editor which he is till date.  He has  edited over 500 films in the past 9 yrs and then he  moved into cinematography which he studied in the African Film Academy Pretoria, South Africa and he is now fully into Movie Directing. He has  directed 5 movies and his first cinema film with a foremost film maker Deborah David will be shot this month. He  thinks  editors are not being treated fairly in the industry and that actors , directors and producers should show them  more love and recognition because they  help them clean up all their dirty works. Even organisers of awards should also look into recognising editors during thier various awards . He also said that  producers should also increase their  fees and treat them  right.
He insisted that  even actors should get closer to editors as friends and he further stated that they  should begin to sign contracts because he is presently  facing a challenge  with an actor/producer Bimbo Akintola.
For over 3 yrs now she’s been owing him the sum  of 635,000 naira for a T.V series which he edited for her titled Circle Of Three which was aired on silverbird and she is denying it because the was no contract signed to proove  that such transaction existed. He said he  wanted to make her pay but has  decided to let her go for one reason…God but that it will never   happen again.
He further explained that the is a major challenge that nollywood  is facing now Which  is mediocrity, it’s gradually taking over our beautiful industry and this  guys need to be  flushed out and even  some directors with big names are crap, we editors know them all, he said.
Moreover he also think’s that guilds should be looked into he is not a member of any guild now because  there are no benefit, you  can’t be in an association without benefits,  I think it’s stupid,  I just want to make good quality films and let nollywood and the world at large know the meaning of true film making, He said.
Well nollywood I hope you guys get to see this and abeg award organisers should recognise editors too just like they’ve done to other fascets of the industry because without the editors nollywood won’t be in existence.

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