Chaos at the S.U.G / University of Uyo night


The event was held at the civil service hall of the  Idongesit Nkanga secretariat and the night which was suppose to be a variety night turned out to be a very unruly night as the students showed so much disrespect to their SUG president Mr Lucky Imoh Inyang by not letting him give his speech to the end it seems the students are not too happy with his administration with thier shouts of ‘AWAY’  meaning that he should leave the stage and when he decided to leave the stage they started singing ‘SHAME’ for him like nursery school students and because of that he refused to leave the stage untill they behave themselves and the students where having none of that and some of them started singing worship songs before he called on the director of socials U.K Great who saved the night. The students also had thier MR and MISS UNIYO last night which made the whole night even funnier and crazier with students showcasing diverse talents and some with thier Low command of the English language.
The were also wonderful  performances by our very own uyo celebrities like Lybra, Ogasir, Otyno, Pope Don X, D.J Santo etc
Pictures of the event will be coming soon.

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