Justin Bieber’s Toxicology Report From Miami Arrest Confirms Marijuana & Pill Usage!


Well, he DID admit to using marijuana and prescription pills…

But either way, Justin Bieber isn’t sitting too pretty in his Miami DUI and resisting arrest case because his toxicology report came back, and it’s working against him!

He did test positive, through a urine test, for marijuana and prescription pills, both of which he confirmed during the arrest. Both THC and Alprazolam were found in his system, which are key ingredients in marijuana and Xanax, respectively.

On the upside for the Biebs, he did test negative for cocaine, opiates, meth, and other drugs. Hey there, silver lining!

As of now, he has pleaded not guilty to the charges, despite admitting to using the drugs. see dis small bieber of yesterday smoking Mary J na wa o!


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