Youdonhear will be introducing a new segment to her blog titled the Rape Diary. The aim and objective of this segment is to give rape victims a chance to share thier experience especially those tricked into being rape so that others can learn from and avoid being victims. It also aims at helping other victims know they are not alone thereby encouraging them to speak up and seek justice for those who want justice which is one of the essence of the Rape Diary.¬†Names of victims won’t be published except you want youdonhear to publish your name alongside your post.

if you have any experience you want to share send a mail to idonhear@gmail.com


Photos: Over 1,000 migrants from Nigeria, Sudan, Eritrea rescued from the Mediterranean sea

med sea 4

These are photos from various rescue operations by Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS), MSF International,Guardia Costiera with the assistance of Italian and Swedish coast guards.
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Movie producer John Collins is expecting a baby from his upcoming actress girlfriend

Rumour has it that John Collins is expecting a baby with his girlfriend ¬† Nasa who happens to be an upcoming actress but the rumour mongers also told me that he is so broke and won’t be able to take care of her as he now goes to Zenith which happens to be the place where artiste hangout to beg for food. Nasa is believed to be in her second trimester. Continue reading Movie producer John Collins is expecting a baby from his upcoming actress girlfriend

Rihana’s Dad Bares it all in an interview concerning his drug addiction and many more

ririr n dad

Rihanna’s father Ronald Fenty, 61, who has battled addiction to alcohol and crack cocaine for years, had an exclusive interview with UK Daily Mail this past Tuesday in Beverly Hills shortly before he traveled to Bardados. It was a long interview but below are a few juicy things he said;

  • Rihanna put him through a $58,000 Malibu rehab program last year to save him from jail after he was arrested during a previous visit to California
  • She flies him to LA every three months for urine tests and has the mini-bar emptied before he arrives

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hiphop nyt

It’s HipHop Night of Honors V.2.0 [the second edition of the all-HipHop street style event]. In this years’ edition, asides from the roll call of the Honours and Spotlight Segments, there will be a:

(i) Freestyle Battle Competition by young new up-and-coming rappers,
(ii) Spoken Word Poetry, as well as a
(iii) Streetwear/High-Street Fashion Exhibition. The highlight will be:
(iv) Stage craft and performances by well-known HipHop acts [iLLest, Zillions, Oga Sir, Sagas, L-J SAAAVIOUR, Ikpa Udo, DJ Santo, Otyno, and the entire #IdiokAboy Crew].

It’s that time of the year when we converge to have fun, celebrate and appreciate HipHop acts, fans and brands that have had input in the growth and sustenance of the HipHop culture down South.

This edition’s Red Carpet Retro and Event is hosted by DJ Will.I.Am of Atlantic 104.5 Fm, Uyo from 4pm, while the wheels of steels will be manned by Dj Kass and Dj Slim with special appearance by DJ PJ.

So, party people, #TurnUp for the #HHNH V.2.0 in your “Strictly HipHop Dresscode” on the 24th of December 2014 at the Ndito Boys and Girls Family House, C-Line Ewet Housing Estate, Uyo. Red Carpet by 4pm till event commences by 6pm.

For Invitations, follow and tweet at @Miklow & @Hypestation on twitter with the #HHNH hashtag and you’ll be sent your IV on twitter. Easy, right?

For Participation & Partnership, contact:
Miklow: +2348068737866
Goldenchyld: +2347068922153

Powered by: #Lyrical4cesENTERTAINMENT#Hypestation #BigExudeAndCakes


ani & peggy

By Mfon Udoh

Two nollywood stars, Peggy Henshaw and Ani Innocent have perfected plans to kick-start a health awareness campaign in Akwa Ibom State to educate the public on the important of taking good care of our health in order to sustain and as well expand our life span.

According to Peggy and Ani in a chat with the journalists in Uyo, the campaign will mostly be carried out through short films entitle Ignorance, which will be produce by PEAN Media but aired on local, national and international television channels.

According to Peggy and Ani, the film Ignorance is anticipating serving as their own way of educating, informing and sensitizing the public on the importance of seeking proper medical attention whenever there is any health challenge, instead of going from one church (Ufok Akam) to the other for assignment for or against witches and wizards.

The duo recalled with pains how they lost their mothers some years ago following their ignorance on the important of visiting hospital for proper medical examinations or believing in their medical reports rooted from fears instill on them by the pastors whom they consulted for their regular spiritual check-ups.

They told the press that their campaigns is not built to champion a cause against miracles and Christian churches but to project that early detection of disease or sickness may lead to timely cure. They called the public to shun such act in totally, but advised that it is wise to visit the medical experts and at the same time called on our pastor to pray for us.

They commended Gov. Akpabio and the commissioners for health, Dr EmemAbasi Bassey for their contributions in the health sectors and solicited their support in the campaign against untimely death through ignorance on what to do when challenged health-wisely

– See more at: http://www.newsmenonline.com/2014/07/nollywood-stars-flag-off-health.html#sthash.UyxD4Bdr.dpuf